National Geographic – “My Shot”

Ever since I was quite young, I have liked looking at National Geographic magazines. I have quite a large collection of them, and to me the photos are the best part! I love how they can bring the beauty of nature and the diversity of the world’s peoples and cultures right into my own home and make them come alive!

Tonight, at the National Geographic website, I noticed that in addition to their main photography section, they now have a very cool section called “My Shot,” where you can get your own page for uploading and sharing your photos. From your photos, you can also make puzzles and games for people to try.

Not only are the photos organized by galleries according to different subjects, but there is also a section called “My Shot Photography Maps.” Here, you can click on a map and take a very interesting photo tour of that part of the world, made from photos people have uploaded.

If you are interested in photography, either because you enjoy viewing photos or taking them yourself, “My Shot” is a cool place to visit!

On a different note, I’d like to wish all my readers a very Happy and Healthy New Year (and decade)!

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