Haiti Earthquake

By now you have probably heard of the  devastating earthquake which struck Haiti this past Tuesday, January 12, leaving thousands homeless and a possible 100 thousand dead. There is a great need for food, water, and medical supplies. Here are a few links providing news updates as well as information on how to help.

The Telegraph (UK news site)

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

On the above website there is a photo gallery which allows you to search for friends and relatives by posting pictures of them. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the people pictured can provide it in the comments section below the photos. You can also search for people through CNN’s iReport missing person’s database.

The Abbotsford Vineyard Church, in BC, Canada, is sending help through an aid organization called Heart to Heart Ministries. The Canadian government will match every dollar donated. Since people often have concerns about whether their donations actually reach the intended recipients. I feel this would be a good one because this church has already been working with this organization for several years. If you live in the Lower Mainland of BC, you can also donate non-perishable food items such as canned goods as the church will be sending a container of food.

Here are a couple of other organizations which you can donate to:

Compassion International

Doctors Without Borders

Let’s all do whatever we can to help!

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