Book Review: Isaac Newton, by Mitch Stokes

Isaac Newton almost died when he was born. I’m so glad he survived! What he contributed to the world is truly amazing! By age 9 he had invented sun-dials which were accurate to within a quarter-hour! By age 24 he had become Europe’s leading mathematician and optics expert. Newton’s research topics also included chemistry, astronomy, physics, philosophy and theology. He developed a reflecting telescope. He invented calculus. Newton loved thinking and experimenting. His ideas, revolutionary in his day, still shape how we view the universe today.

I learned these things from “Isaac Newton,” by Mitch Stokes. It is part of Thomas Nelson Publishers’ Christian Encounters series of biographies.

It was interesting to read about Newton’s faith in God, which was also described in this book. Stokes states, “Newton devoted his life to studying God’s Word and his world.” To Newton, study of science was part of his worship to God.

Although I enjoyed parts of the book, it contained many discussions of mathematical and scientific concepts with which I was unfamiliar. This made it difficult to read in a lot of places. If less emphasis had been placed on the science and more on stories and Newton’s personality, it would have held my attention far more. Although its style wasn’t really my cup of tea, readers who like science would probably enjoy it a lot. It does provide a lot of good information about this extraordinary man.

Thanks to for giving me a free copy of this book, in exchange for review.

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