Resources About Isaac Newton

Last month I posted a book review of Isaac Newton, by Mitch Stokes. I just came across a couple of  websites that I would like to recommend for anyone interested in learning more Isaac Newton. First, there is the Grace K. Babson Collection of Newtonia from Babson College.  This is a collection of various items relating to Isaac Newton. It includes over 1000 volumes of his works, as well as artifacts, including the fore-parlour of the last London residence he lived in. If you click on each link listed on the page, you will get further descriptions of what is included in the collection, as well as access to pdf documents of many of Newton’s writings.

At the bottom of the page, reference is made to the Newton Project, which is another wonderful source of information about Newton. Many of his writings can be found there as well.  This site also includes a list of what was in his own library. It is interesting to see what resources were available in his day.

If you visit these sites, I would be interested in reading your impressions of them. What interested you the most about what you found about Isaac Newton? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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