My Garden of Memories

Tomorrow will be my first Mother’s Day without my mom, as she passed away this past September. While I was thinking about this, and thinking about tomorrow, I realized that since she is now in heaven it will be her first Mother’s Day with her mom since 1973. How wonderful that they can be together, and also that I will see them again someday as well!

When special things happened in my life, my mom often used to say, “Now you put that in your garden of memories.” I thought of this the night that she passed away, and was inspired to write this poem. Part-way through writing it, I got word that she had gone, and somehow I think the writing of it brought me some comfort even that night. I dedicate this tonight to those of my readers who, this Mother’s Day, are dealing with the loss of their moms.

My Garden of Memories

peanut butter cookies

with milk

grilled cheese sandwiches

with hot chocolate

welcome me home from school


a skinned knee tended

a broken heart mended

a listening ear

for a falling tear


a guitar to teach me a song

music for my whole life-long


Brahms’ lullabye in a rocking-chair

birthdays at Ming’s Kitchen

Christmas carols around the piano

prayer around the table

a song with tea

on the porch


trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Penticton

stories about the orchard where Mom grew up


carefully helping me

learn my Bible verses

hiding God’s Word

in my heart


winter nights

around the fire

while the wind howled

in the wire


morning walks by the shimmering ocean

picking blackberries

for delicious pies


trips to Eaton’s to visit my dad

picnics at Goldstream

summers at camp


memories in my heart I hear

of my precious Mother dear.

2 thoughts on “My Garden of Memories”

  1. This ministered to me. a lovely poem you can almost touch, taste and smell.

  2. Thank you, Jenni! I’m glad the poem blessed you – this encourages me to share more of my poetry in the future.

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