Series of Art Quotations: Day Thirteen

Today’s quotations are about art critics.

I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is. – Jean Michel Basquiat

Critics, mathematicians scientists and busybodies want to classify everything, marking the boundaries and limits … In art there is room for all possibilities. – Pablo Picasso

Critics are the products of their own times and biases and what they have to say about works of art is as transient and insubstantial as fashion. – Robert Genn

Critics don’t matter. Who cares about Michelangelo’s critics? – Irwin Greenberg

I really agree with the quote by Robert Genn. I find it fascinating that art which was seriously frowned upon in its day, became very famous and sought-after, for example, works by Claude Monet. Artists who have been willing to try different things and break away from established “art rules” have blessed the world with whole new kinds of art. In view of this, what is your opinion about art critics? Is there benefit to paying attention to what they say? Could doing so hinder creativity? I’d love to hear your views on this in the comments.

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