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January is flying by. It seems that we have just finished celebrating Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday 😎 (January 8th) and suddenly we are almost one-twelfth of the way through 2012!

Before we get any further along in the year I would like to present a few thoughts about planning. In recent years I have basically stopped making the usual type of “New Year’s Resolutions.” Instead, I am seeking to have a “planning mind-set” throughout the year. In late December or early January, I write down the areas I would like to make progress in, and make plans based on the results I would like to see in these areas.

By using the principle of “plan your work, then work your plan,” a person can accomplish a lot through the course of a day, month or year. This is much more exciting than what results from drifting through a day, randomly doing a few things here and there without a plan.

For 2012 I decided to design my own planner to help me keep track of what I want to do, as well as to summarize what I accomplish each day. I think others would like using this planner as well, so I am offering it as a free download.

On the left side of each page are times, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., in half-hour increments, so whether a person is an early-bird or a night owl, there is plenty of room to note appointments as well as other plans for the day.

Beside the “Plans” column I have included an “Accomplishments” section. I have found that even though my plans for the day can be like a map showing where I want to go, sometimes there are “detours” – things that come up which take the day in a different direction. What is accomplished on the “detour” can be just as valid and important as my original plans. I created the “Accomplishments” section so I can summarize what I did each day, regardless of whether or not I followed my original plan. I believe it will be very helpful and encouraging to be able to look through the pages at the end of the week or month, or any time during the year, and see how much I have achieved.

Below the “Accomplishments” section I have included some lines for “Notes.” This is a good place to write down various reminders or ideas for activities to include in plans for upcoming days.

The planner pages are 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches so they can be printed out and put into a three-ring binder. I like this size of page because it provides lots of room to write.

I really hope you will enjoy using this planner. Here is the link to download your free [download id=”5″].

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