Top 10 Creative Uses for Sharpie Markers

About four years ago, while working at a call centre, I noticed that some of my co-workers did art while waiting for phone-calls. (We were allowed to do quiet activities at our desks between calls.) I wanted to do something along that line, but didn’t believe I was “artistic.” Eventually I realized I could create some interesting designs with Sharpie felt pens. To my surprise doing these designs re-kindled my love of art, which had long ago been buried! Thanks to Sharpie I now enjoy viewing and creating art in a variety of forms, and enjoy learning about art history as well.

Today I read an interesting article which was in our local paper, about uses for Sharpie markers. Reading this article led to me doing further research on this topic, and I decided it would be the perfect idea for a Top 10 Tuesday post. (The ideas are not in any particular order.)

There should be something fun to do here for people of all ages. (I recommend little artists be supervised though, as most Sharpies are permanent.)

1. Decorate ceramic tiles. There is a similar how-to article here.

2. Be creative with old encyclopedias.

3. Decorate your laptop cover.

4. Decorate walls (but get your landlord’s permission first if you are renting).

5. Decorate your car and guitar.

6. Tie-dye a t-shirt.

7. Create designs on wood.

8. Do art on styrofoam cups.

9. Decorate a mug.

10. Turn milk cartons into vases for fake flowers.

What are your favorite uses for Sharpies? Please share them in the comments.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated by Sharpie for this post.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Creative Uses for Sharpie Markers”

  1. I too, like oh amanda, “LOVE ME SOME SHARPIES.” I have a basket full of them. For easter last year, I revamped an old pair of black patent leather shoes using gesso, acrylic paint, and sharpies, they were a big hit . I am in the process of designing a plain gold framed mirror that I’ve had for many years, and feel the need to add some umph to my springtime. Once I complete it I will post pics on my Facebook.

  2. In college, one of my friends had a loft built from 2×4’s in his dorm room. He & his roommate wrote favorite quotes on the lumber – which made for some interesting reading material!

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